2016 – 2017 Wrap up
Matt Mui





Dear InspirASIAN members,


It’s been an amazing experience leading InspirASIAN over the years. We’ve transformed our organization in so many different ways and have evolved as a leadership and a non-profit organization. Here are highlights of our accomplishments in just the last 2 years:



• Evolved our culture and restructured our organization and governance model to create a talent pipeline with deeper engagement
• Updated bylaws and operations manual to reflect our new identity and governance model
• Improved operating efficiencies and financial reporting

Marketing Communications
• Rebranded our name & identity – InspirASIAN Igniting Possibilities
• Published regular monthly blog and newsletter to members direct
• Expanded InspirASIAN’s social media presence through Twitter and Instagram

• Redesigned and elevated InspirASIAN’s tSpace and website presence with a fresh new look
• Launched beta testing of InspriASIAN’s mobile app to increase membership engagement

Membership Engagement
• Launched InspirASIAN’s Social Voices, a year-round campaign where employees share their American experiences and unique stories
• Launched InspirASIAN Stars, our membership spotlight and recognition program that recognizes the contribution and positive impact employees have in our communities
• Launched InspirASIAN’s tSpace Badge recognition program to recognize our volunteers and members through 5 different tSpace Badge levels

Community Engagement
• Continued the dialogue on understanding race relations through screening films and panel discussions, and blogs
• Awarded STEM, Entertainment, and Public Service scholarships to college-bound students of all backgrounds
• Positioned AT&T as “Best Asian Entertainment. Your Way.” at key Asian cultural and entertainment events

Congratulations InspirASIAN on our amazing achievement. I’d like to thank all of you for being a member and to give special thanks to our 2016 and 2017 National Board and leadership team. Each of you inspired me through your volunteerism. Greatness comes from collective engagement. Together, we achieved great success.

As many of you are aware, I’m at the end of my term. While I elected not to rerun to pursue other interests, I will continue on as advisor on the Executive Council. I’m proud to have served along your side and I’m proud to be a part of this awesome organization.


Finally, I would like to welcome Shirley Sanz as our new 2018-2019 national president.

She’s a former chapter president for Southern California.  Most recently, she served as our national volunteerism chair.  I’m excited that she will be leading InspirASIAN and look forward to a great year!

With gratitude,
Matt Mui




Igniting Possibilities


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